Translating Anchor

Since the first time I heard about Open Source stuff, I wanted to contribute to one or more projects. I think it is a great thing, with a lot of future. People help people – for free, and just because they want to. I am not the greatest coder, so I decided to do something else (which still can be considered as helping an open source project).

I’ll translate the homepage of Anchor CMS into the german language. The software by itself is already translated and I “just” translate website. I am about to finish the Docs page, and it is actually pretty fun. It is a great practice translating the texts from @idiot, because he uses a lot of expressions that are quite hard to translate.

It is really great to help the german Anchor community and get more people to use this awesome CMS. If somebody wants to help me a little out, shoot me a mail (or tweet me). Furthermore, I work on some real nice projects also, so be sure to follow me on twitter and on dribbble.


Freebies are great. To be honest, I guess I’ve never really used a freebie (except for icon sets). Furthermore, I have no idea who uses them, but apparently a lot of people, and thats why I make them (and, I think, all the other "designers" too). In my opinion, it is awesome to see how other people use the stuff you made, tweak it a bit and make it to something completely different.

The most of the time I spent thinking about what I should create. A very important question you have to ask yourself is "Does anyone even need that?". I mean, sharing some login forms or setting modals isn’t very efficient, is it? Of course, they look good, but if you create a whole product/website you can make that by yourself, right? Something that matches together with the general UI. I hope you get my point there.

Freebies have to be individual and original. At least I think so.


Some of you will probably know that I released a project a couple of months ago. It is called Carri and is a simple alternative to mailto links. It was my first real project and I designed & coded it by myself in three days. Around 200 people registered for Carri (thanks again to @idiot) and I am actually pretty satisfied with it. I just made it for the fun and the experience, so I really haven’t had any expectations of Carri.

I am planning to either redesign - or completely rewrite it, mostly because mailto turns out to be not that bad. If you click on it, either Mail or Gmail opens, but I didn’t really know that by the time I made it (yeah, I used Windows).

I probably should include something like a embedding-function, maybe for people who do not have the time (or the skills) to create their own contact forms. Of course, in a minimal (and real good looking) way.

I also would love to hear your suggestions, so if you have any ideas, just drop me a mail or (which would be even better) send me a tweet.


If I really want to work on something, no matter if small or big, I need Motivation and, of course, Inspiration.  One thing (that you all will probably know) is music. Everybody has their own favorite genre and maybe even a favorite volume setting. Even when I am alone at home I do not listen with my speakers, but need my urbanears; and a few of my favorite tracks. I often use my rdio playlist for that, or I take a look at - where you can find handcrafted playlists ordered by the genre. When I am listening I can better concentrate on what I am doing, and almost never get distracted.

Another great help - personally for me - is Red Bull. You may like coffee or other energy drinks, but I just prefer this one. After a few minutes I just feel better and it contributes to my concentration. Maybe it is just a placebo effect, who knows?

Everybody has their own things that pushes themselves. I’d love to hear from you, just drop me a mail. Maybe I’ll activate comments here, we will see.